Microchipping machine

Microchipping for Pets

No matter how much care and precautions we take, accidents can happen. Pets are curious by nature and with even the most eagle-eyed parents, many can still get away and become lost. Having your pet microchipped is a way to increase your chances of being reunited with your loyal companion, in case of any accidents or emergencies. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our microchipping services at Pacific Rim.

How does microchipping for dogs/cats/pets work?

We make a very small incision, just under your pet’s skin, usually in between their shoulder blades. The microchip is then inserted inside your pet. It is the size of a small grain of rice.

The microchip contains your contact information and other vital details about your pet. When a humane shelter or animal hospital finds your pet, they can scan the microchip and will be able to connect with you from the information in the device. Pet microchipping is not like a GPS – it cannot track your pet’s location. Essentially, microchips are like permanent ID cards for your furry friend.

Do pets feel pain when they are microchipped?

What patients experience during microchipping is similar to what they feel during routine vaccinations. In fact, most veterinary teams do not administer anaesthetics during the treatment. Most cats, dogs and other pets do very well during the entire procedure. They feel very little to zero pain and discomfort as the incision we make is quite small and the entire procedure lasts for only a few minutes.

How many times do I need to microchip my pet?

Microchipping is usually a one-time procedure. The microchip is designed to last inside your pet’s body and be effective for their entire lifetime. They are made of materials that will not degenerate over time.